"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful"-Sophia Loren
About me

Hi, My name is Anwesha.I was a student of English Literature and Language and currently pursuing my masters in digital marketing.I love to partake in every single snapshot of life as i accept whenever they are gone they are mystriously absent.I am a twenty-something young lady with soft spot for fashion,trendy styles,and make up and all.
About Uniquorne

Uniquorne makes you feel confident.Our vision is to encourage women to distinguish themselves in the boldest and beautiful way.We cover everything from trends, style tips,fashion accessories,outfits advices.With this pure vision we are committed to provide you the most amazing style and trendy fashion tips! We will continue our journey to support you on the way to your success with lots of stylish touches and love.So browse around,ask questions,and share your opinion,we are so happy you are here! Xoxo Uniquorne
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